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Architect: Sergio Ossa | Lira Vigneaux Construction: N / A

Year: 2017

Place: General Carrera Lake, Aysen Region

Surface: 250m2

Refugio General Carrera is located in the Aysen Region, on Lake General Carrera. The design was based on the warehouses or Patagonian shelters, where the outline is a large rectangular volume with mezzanines and gabled roofs.


The main idea was to leave the common living and kitchen sector in the center, on one side the main piece and on the other side a glass patio was designed, like a glazed barbecue, due to the weather and the local winds it was a way of to enjoy the landscape and the sun in an intermediate space.


At the other end was the guest room. Mezzanines with sectors of cabins and niches were made on the two pieces.


Its structure is made up on the basis of reinforced concrete foundations and a metal structure floor platform.

All vertical surfaces were projected with native woods from the sector. The outer cladding is untreated lenga and the cover is oxidized zinc.

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