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Architect: Sergio Ossa | Rodolfo Valdes
Construction: OSSAVALDES ARQ
Year: 2019
Place: El Manzano, Puertecillo, VI Region
Surface: 160m2

Casa RR is located in the Metropolitan Region, in the city ​​of Santiago . A design divided into two volumes was proposed, one was designed as a large bar that crosses the land from side to side, leaving behind a private patio, where the pieces and the children's room are located .


The other volume was proposed as a large open space , which seeks to capture maximum luminosity oriented towards the view of the Cordillera.

The main piece is located on the second floor connected by a double height to a living room and with access to the main terrace that is the flat roof over the living room.

The structure is based on Reinforced Concrete, brick and Steel , the interiors were clad with oak wood and the exterior with rusty Corten Steel plates.

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