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Architect: Sergio Ossa

Construction: N / A

Year: 2015

Place: Eden Port, Messier Channel, Magallanes Region

Surface: 850m2

ECEM is located in the Magallanes Region , in the town of Puerto Edén . A design divided into two volumes inserted within a large exoskeleton in the form of a spring was proposed. The idea was to divide the program into three main spaces , on the shore next to the main walkway of the town, the space for tourists was located.


In the central section of the dock there was a public space for a cove and craft work to build small boats.

In the final section was located a Center for Scientific Studies and Marine Biology , connected to a large islet rock.


The purpose of this project was to give a tourist , economic and scientific boost to this town that is in a state of extreme risk of abandonment by its inhabitants, due to the lack of resources and poor connection with the continent.

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