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Architect: Sergio Ossa | Rodolfo Valdes
Construction: To be defined
Year: 2019
Place: Puchuncaví, Maitencillo, Valparaiso
Surface: 200m2

Casa Las Vertientes is located in Maitencillo , Valparaiso Region . The project consists of a redevelopment of an old house to which the structuring axes had to be adapted.

Located between party walls , the objective was to include an extensive program for 15 people in a limited area. Responding to the above, a common space is generated on the access level, involving a living room, dining room, kitchen and a family room, forming a volume with a panoramic view that flies above the floor -1, which is made up of the bedrooms, which are worked to the maximum detail. to receive all users simultaneously.

The structure is based on steel on concrete foundations with pine cladding of the Clear type inside and outside and porcelain floor.

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