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Architect: Sergio Ossa | Rodolfo Valdes
Construction: OSSAVALDES ARQ
Year: 2019
Place: El Manzano, Puertecillo, VI Region
Surface: 160m2

Casa Patio is located in the Sixth Region , on the Chilean central coast. Architecture and Construction were raised with low-cost and local materials . The main idea was to tackle a land of 5000m2 without ocean views, so the house is at stake in closing itself, creating an interior patio as an extension of the kitchen and the living room to the outside. Naturally, the patio is the heart of the house and where daily activities are carried out.

The house program is divided into a large ELE where the rooms are separated from the multifunctional space. Outside, with terraces and corridors, another ELE is generated to close and shape the Patio.

The structure is a Steel and Wood skeleton . The interior is lined with pine wood and the exterior with corrugated steel sheets. Its foundations are made of reinforced concrete in the type of isolated piles.

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